Old Cultural Activities

On the occasions of friendship day from morning I am trying to find our true happiness which has been lost during the evolution of technology

So I took myself back to a decade generation and their frienship than I found that they have better friend circle in comparison of us because they believe in enjoying with each other not just doing show off of friendship on social sites

They still believe in going for kanwar(a Hindu ritual ) instead of going to moon but in dreams.

They still believe in treating friends family like his own family instead of presenting yourself superior in all conditions

My point is that every thing can’t be change by just thinking about change in country and world

So sometimes it’s better to be simple instead of representing ourselves extraordinary which is our generation main problem

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A great Indian Saint:Kabir

Today is 500 Death Anniversary of kabir and also my attraction toward his views is very high,from childhood Whenever I think about finding real truth of this universe ,I found his thoughts are able to satisfy my curiosity So I will recommend Everyone from my side to read his views for getting glimpse of real truth…

Now point comes, is it relevant for teenagers or young people’s talking about spirituality?

Than my answer is yes because we are living in a world where still religion,cast, colour,money plays a significant role in dividing souls or people around the world

So from my point of view solution of these big problems can be easily founded by youth If they promise to ourselves that for 21th century born peoples there is place for only one thing which is LOVE and self awareness…I leave this blog with some lines of kabir I hope that You will do good research on kabir because that was his aim…You can’t trust instantly on someone

Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, which is inside you. The oneno one talks of speaks the secret sound to himself, and he is the one who has made it all.

Many have died; you also will die. The drum of death is being beaten. The world has fallen in love with a dream. Only sayings of the wise will remain.

Vision of 2k20 for india by kalam

Actually I wanna be honest during my blogs ,so firstly I wanna inform that how this idea comes in video..two days before I watched an interview of Mr. Kalam with Arnav Go swami..that interview was done in 2007 ..where kalam tells that if nation will follow right tracks,we have ability to reach station of developed nation..here developed india means..better education system with 100% literacy..no poverty..zero crime rate and negligible violence ..prosperous nation..and he also told the true definition of true leader..so conclusion is that after listening his vision I figured where we lack as a nation because now it’s tough to achieve vision of 2k20 ..as for my standards I think we need to rebuild our education system with creative ideas..where a student is trained for providing employment not just fighting for getting employment ..time has been come when we have to do action ..I hope that if any one will visit this blog ,he will definitely read my mind..#jai hind